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Green Gemstone Sluice Bag

Weight: 4 lbs

    Each bag is guaranteed to be enriched with natural rough and real gemstones from all over the world! Each bag comes with an identification flyer to identify each specimen and where it comes from! Fun and educational for the whole family!

    At Home Sluicing Instructions:

    Tools: Bucket or Large Bowl, Small Pasta Strainer/Colander (with tiny holes work best), and Water

    1. Fill the bucket or bowl halfway with water

    2. Set or hold strainer/colander right above the bucket/bowl

    3. Open Sluice bag and pour a 1/2 cup of contents into the small strainer/colander

    4. Set the strainer/colander into the bucket of water just a 1/2 an inch (enough to cover the contents)

    5. Sift side to side with the strainer to clear away the sand and gemstones of all different kinds and sizes should appear!



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